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form processing 

Cleardata document management solutions provide form cleardata document management solutions | forms processing services | form scanning | intelligent forms capture services | market research forms capture | claims form processing services | customer satisfaction form processing services | rail ticket forms processing services | travel survey form processing | employee appraisal form processingprocessing services throughout the UK. The company is one of the largest document scanning bureaus in the UK, using the latest Kodak technology.  Cleardata offers specialist data entry services, with up to 99.95% accuracy.

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automated form processing

  • Claims Form Processing
  • Market Research Form Processing
  • Questionnaire Form Processing
  • Membership Application Form Processing
  • Travel Survey Form Processing
  • Customer Satisfaction Form Processing
  • Employee Appraisal Form Processing

intelligent forms capture 

cleardata forms processing services | handwriting capture | barcode capture | document scanning | forms scanning servicesCleardata document management solutions can process hand written or printed data, with or without bar codes.  Our intelligent forms capture software can recognise and digitise bar codes, handwritten text, tick and circle boxes.  Providing easily searchable and indexed data to enable fast retrieval by multiple users.

The company's UK based Account Managers can manage your forms processing projects for you. UK Data Entry provides flexible form processing services and can deal with data entry and form processing projects on a one off basis or an ongoing daily term.

Our professional team at Cleardata document management solutions has expertise and experience in all types of form processing and data entry services and already completes form processing services for many of the UK's largest survey companies, holiday companies and public sector clients.

Please give Cleardata Document Management Solutions a call on 0800 046 8086 to discuss your form processing and data entry requirements. We will be happy to help or contact us.



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