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document workflow softwareDocument Workflow Software from Cleardata - A ReadSoft Accredited Partner

Document Workflow Software Solutions from Cleardata. Cleardata is an authorised ReadSoft partner and provides their latest DOCUMENTS solution, providing automatic document movement, classification and indexing  throughout your business, this is the latest in document workflow software.

DOCUMENTS will take away the onerous task of sorting out incoming documents, extracting and indexing required data.  It doesn't matter what format your documents are in (paper, fax, email, Word, PDF, TIFF, JPEG, XML, EDI) they can all be included in the DOCUMENTS automated workflow.

For further information about ReadSoft DOCUMENTS, call today on 0800 046 8086 or complete our quick document workflow software enquiry form below.  Cleardata has a team of professional process consultants who can help map out your processes and provide ideas on how to improve efficiencies in your business and ultimately reduce your costs.

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Businesses are often faced with complex processes, involving teams of employees, documents, resources and technology throughout their organisation. Different types of staff from clerical to field workers, project managers and even senior management can be involved.

Employees are often located in various office locations and countries and with different types of technology available. Massive amounts of paperwork can be generated, mislaid documents is often a problem, huge labour costs, wasted time, problems in reporting and negative effects on payment times can be experienced.

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Whether you're looking to simplify an accounts payable process or any other type of document orientated journey, cleardata can help your business with an effective document workflow software solution.

Documents can become digital, with an automated electronic journey set up, bespoke to your business.


automated invoice workflow solutions

A typical invoice workflow solution process:

  • Digitising your invoices on arrival
  • Automatically recognising and inputting areas on invoices
  • Sorting, interpreting and verifying your invoices
  • Automated document matching, checking the purchase order system to make sure the invoice matches the original order
  • Automatically e-mailing the purchase order and scanned invoice for approval to a manager
  • Automatically making payment
  • Electronic audit trail with user history

If your business needs to reduce costs, save time and improve efficiencies call cleardata now for more information on document workflow software solutions and accounts payable software solutions. Call 0800 046 8085 or e-mail sales@cleardata.co.uk


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