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Cleardata DART is a web enabled, document management sytem.  Online document management systems provide a faster, more accurate storage and retrieval solution for all types of data and documentation. Secure electronic storage replaces traditional hard copy archiving, freeing up valuable storage space and reducing time spent on search and retrieval. This hosted document management system involves no software or hardware capital investment

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cleardata uk document management solutions | web hosted document management system | reduce business costs

How much does your business spend looking for, retrieving and re-filing documents? What impact does the delay in finding documents have on customer service? A hosted service can be available for as little as £10.00 per day.



online document management system

The DART 'Dart Archive Retrieval Technology' document management software cleardata uk document management solutions | online document hosted system | accounts payable solution | workflow software | resides on the PIPEX servers and is assessed via the internet. This system is easy to use, allowing multiple authorised users to create, view, edit search and share documents in their native format, using a web browser.  No local client software is required and maximum flexibility to access is afforded to the business.


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Quick search uses a single field entry to retrieve images quickly to the desktop for users to view and action.  For more complex searches, users can select the META search facility entering multiple search criteria to narrow down or widen a document search as required. Text documents can be searched for quickly using individual keywords.  When scanned, Cleardata can use intelligent capture software to automatically index preferred reference information such as invoice number, purchase order reference, supplier code or line description information.

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Cleardata DART will manage your document workflow, provide fast document retrieval and allow users to add notes and messaeges to stored documents. This provides a history of who else is working on a similar issue and enables users to assign messages and tasks to other users. 

easy access

As well as hosting images that have been scanned by Cleardata, it is often the case that other documents relating to the scanned original may arrive later. These may include letters, emails, or spreadsheets etc. At any point, authorised users can load these documents into the DART system and associate them with the original image.

For further details or to arrange a demo of Cleardata's web document management system call today on 0800 046 8086 or contact us

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