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document management systems

Cleardata provides bespoke document management systems for businesses throughout the UK.

Cleardata can design a Document Management system to fully meet your needs.  This could be a simple physical storage solution or a full capture and archive solution. Document Management Software can help any business.

In a typical office, the majority of documents still exist in paper form. Our Document Management systems can help manage authorisation through workflow management; drawing and document approvals can be signed off digitally.

Emails, microsoft documents, scanned images, PDFs, Tiffs, in fact just about any digital file type can be held in one central location using document management software. Find and retrieve documents within seconds, instead of minutes, or even hours with word search capabilities through OCR (optical character recognition) technology.

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Cleardata UK Document Management Solution's Document Management Software means that you can automate matching of documents together, such as purchase orders, invoices or delivery notes. Cleardata provides alchemy document management software. Alchemy manages all of the documents and data that your business needs to keep. It acts as an electronic filing cabinet, where you can securely and quickly file, find and view every document, regardless of its original source. 


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