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cleardata | accounts payable software | invoice processing solutions

cleardata uk document management solutions | accounts payable software | online invoice processing solution | workflow management

Cleardata UK Document Management Solutions provide fully automated accounts payable and invoice processing solutions for your business. Whether your looking to outsource your accounts payable process, for an in-house solution or online hosted invoice processing, Cleardata can help your business.

If your company deals with multiple suppliers and 100's of invoices per month they you are almost certainly aware that this is a huge processing overhead which is both costly and inefficient.

If you are not in the accounts department, then you should talk to the FD about this issue as there is a good chance that they are tasked with making their work processes more efficient or cutting costs.

cleardata’s accounts payable software and invoice processing services 

  • Digitise your invoices on arrival
  • Automatically recognise and input areas on invoices
  • Sort, interpret and verify your invoices against existing purchase order and supplier records
  • Automate document matching, checking the purchase order system to make sure the invoice matches the original order
  • Automatically e-mail the purchase order and scanned invoice for approval to a manager
  • Automatically make payment

business costs of invoice processing

Have you considered how much time your business wastes processing invoices? Accounts Payable Software can help save 75% of your invoice processing costs. Did you know that it can cost up to £20 just to process one invoice? These costs amount to massive amounts of labour intensive processes such as data entry. With the help of accounts payable software, costs can be reduced to between 50p and £1 per invoice.

who's involved in invoice processing in your business

Lets think about who's involved in the accounts payable and invoice process and what sort of tasks are completed.

Accounts Department

  • Stamping invoices and checking into budget system
  • Photocopying and distributing invoices for payment authorisation
  • Creating new supplier files
  • Intensive data entry
  • Creating payments
  • Sending payments
  • Liasing with suppliers who haven't received payment

Clerical Support

  • Filing invoices
  • Entering data onto internal spreadsheets to track budget
  • Finding previous invoices
  • Verifying against purchase orders
  • Dealing with suppliers who haven't received payment
  • Applying cost codes to different invoices
  • Chasing senior management for approval

Senior Management

  • Authorising huge amounts of invoices
  • Faced with backlogs of paperwork
  • Checking against original purchase orders and sifting through paperwork
  • Keeping a check of bugets throughout the year
  • Looking back through invoice files for reporting purposes

With a cost effective online hosted solution with no up front software or hardware costs, and fully managed accounts payable software available, cleardata has an answer for you.  

Try our free, no obligation, accounts payable software return on investment calculator

For further details or to arrange a demo call Cleardata UK Document Management Solutions 0800 046 8086 or contact Cleardata.


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