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Cleardata Wins Document Management Contract for SRCL

11th November 2010

UK Document Management Company, Cleardata has won a document scanning and management contract for SRCL, the UK’s leading healthcare waste services company.

Cleardata delivers scanning services, intelligent data capture, secure storage and web document management solutions to help businesses keep their documents safe, while lowering costs and freeing up space.

SRCL provides clinical waste collection and disposal; resource management strategies and hazardous waste management to businesses throughout the UK. As part of their collection and delivery process, the company produces approximately 600,000 consignment notes per year and wanted a solution to scan and store their documents digitally.

The paperwork took a significant amount of office space in the business and employee time in document access and retrieval.

Cleardata has provided an efficient, low cost document management solution, where the consignment notes are delivered from SRCL’s branches throughout the UK, scanned into digital format and indexed by Cleardata’s Capture software.

Once scanned, the documents are stored on Cleardata Dart, a secure online document management solution. This system enables the documents to be searched by any indexed field, reference number, client name or date. SRCL’s users can access the documents from any location, using a simple web browser. It’s a secure system and allows notes, messages or tasks to be assigned to documents. Cleardata Dart provides a full audit trail and requires no upfront software costs.

SRCL IS Support Manager said “Our consignment notes took a large amount of space in our branches and document retrieval was costly to our business. We chose Cleardata as they offered the complete document management solution, providing document scanning and a low cost, flexible document management system.”

“We’re looking forward to working with Cleardata.”

David Bryce, Managing Director Cleardata, commented “We’re pleased to be working with SRCL on this project. Cleardata visited their sites and reviewed the consignment notes and issues faced by the company.”

“We’ve proposed a simple, cost effective solution for their consignment note management which will help reduce their paperwork, physical storage costs and staff time wasted searching and retrieving these documents. The documents are available on line as soon as we’ve processed them via the web with simple and fast retrieval.”

Cleardata specialises in analysing the document issues faced by businesses and finds innovative software and scanning solutions that can cut costs, save space, improve systems and cut processing time down and SRCL have benefited from all four of these.




Cleardata wins scanning and document management contract for SRCL. Find out more...  


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