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 electronic document management systems

Electronic Document Management Systems can help your business electronic document management systemsfree office space, reduce employee time wasted on finding and retrieving documents and secure your records. The system provides a full audit trail for your documentation, helping you to be fully compliant in your document management processes.

Cleardata provides DART, an online hosted electronic document management system.

Here's the important part!  DART requires no software investment up front, and can be accessed from as little as £10 per day.  DART, Document Archive Retrieval Technology is a complete document management system.

electronic document management software

A few key facts about DART electronic management software

  • document archive and retrieval solution, able to host multiple types of documents and images
  • accessible from any pc, using an internet browser, no software required
  • fast search facility and META search available - users able to search by content
  • ability to index documentation
  • users able to add notes and messages to documents and assign tasks to other users
  • full document audit trail
  • secure software stored on PIPEX servers, with password permission access

View our video, it only takes a couple of minutes and find out more about the DART electronic document management software.  Alternatively pick up the phone and give Cleardata a call on 0800 046 8086 or fill in the quick enquiry form below.


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