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 e document management

An e document management solution will help your business E Document Managementgo paperless, organise your documents and reduce time spent on search and retrieval. It will also help your business to be compliant, providing a full audit trail for your documentation.

Cleardata provides DART, an online document management system, with no upfront software costs. DART can be available from as little as £10 per day.

Quick Facts about DART e document management

  • Web enabled document archiving and retrieval solution 
  • Software resides on secure PIPEX servers and is accessed via the internet
  • Any user with permissions can access DART from any PC using an internet browser
  • No special local client software required, providing flexibility for the business
  • Quick Search tool and META search facility - Content search available
  • Notes and Messages can be added to documents
  • Users have ability to assign messages and tasks to other users
  • Full audit trail

Have a look at our  2 minute video to find out more about DART or alternatively fill in the quick enquiry form below to arrange a free no obligation demonstration. You can also speak to one of our document mangement consultants on 0800 046 8086.


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Cleardata can provide document scanning services to digitise your historic files, documents and archives.  Records can be indexed as required and uploaded directly into the DART e document management system. The company also provides post room scanning services to enable your business to be completely paperless going forward.

Call now to start the process - Cleardata e document management, 0800 046 8086



Cleardata wins scanning and document management contract for SRCL. Find out more...  


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