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Document Management 

Are you looking for a more efficient and cost-saving Document Management system for your company's important documents, files and records?

Cleardata provide UK wide Document Management Software services, which will allow your company to search through vast amounts of OCR enhanced files and records within a simple to use, powerful Document Management system. 

Consider the benefits of our Document Management services:

  • Document Management allows you to upload and access documents from any location.
  • Document Management lets you index files within custom categories.
  • Document Management Software permits you to assign tasks related to an individual document for other staff members to respond to.
  • Document Management Software gives you the ability track any edits made to a digital document or record through an in-built historical checker within the software.
  • Document Management Software allows you to choose which users are permitted to access a specific document, as well as encrypting all files with password protection.

Electronic Document Management Software will save your company both money and space compared with physical paper record storage. Valuable office space can be re-utilised for much more important core business activities as paper files are now scanned and stored within a secure digital Document Management system.

Our leading OCR Software allows information on a scanned file, including bar-codes. hand-written text and word-processed copy, to be captured from a scanned paper file and automatically imported into your company's document management system. Integrating this professional software can reduce data-entry time by up to 80%, as well as eliminating the chance of human error when capturing information from business documents, files and records. Scanned documents which have our OCR software run on them are also transformed into fully searchable PDF files, allowing a piece of information to be found through a simple word search.

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Our Document Management services and software solutions cover the entirety of the UK. Please use our regional pages in the 'About Us' toolbar to identify your local sales manager. Alternatively, you can call 0800 046 8086 or e-mail sales@cleardata.co.uk for a direct assessment of how we can help you integrate our exceptional document management software and services within your business.


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